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COVID-19 Vaccines, Flu Vaccines, and Immunisations

COVID-19 Vaccinations 



All our centres are providing multiple types of the COVID-19 vaccinations part of the national roll-out program, now available for eligible patients as per the government's vaccination eligibility schedule. ​

Book with us online now or call us to make an appointment for an eligibility assessment with our doctors. 

For more information about Covid-19 Vaccinations, please visit:

Department of Health website

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker


Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations 2023

2023 seasonal Influenza vaccines are available at all the centres from April 2023. We provide both private and government-funded vaccines across various age groups according to your needs and eligibility.

Book online now or call the centre to make an appointment.


Children's and Adult's Immunisation

All the centres are equipped with all necessary vaccines and we support and recommend that the Standard Immunisation Schedule as set out by the Department of Health is undertaken by every child in the clinic.

We also stock adult vaccines for eligible patients with chronic diseases or for elderly patients. 

Vaccinating A Child

Travel Vaccinations and Yellow Fever

We offer a comprehensive range of travel vaccination services including Yellow Fever vaccination. Doctors in all the centres have access to current travel vaccination databases.  

As travel vaccination can be complex, we recommend that you see a doctor in an appointment to discuss your itinerary and determine your vaccine requirements.  

Image by Joachim Schnürle
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