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Weight and Wellness Clinic

Living in a healthier way for yourself and your family could be done by improving diets and having regular exercises. 

In the Weight and Wellness Clinic, a multi-disciplinary approach including Dietitians, Endocrinologist/ Weight Loss Physician and Physiotherapist all work together to help you on your journey towards healthy weight management and prevention of chronic diseases. 

Book an appointment today with the GP to discuss more about the program. 

Feel free to click on each of the health practitioner's photo to read their profiles:

On the Scales
Steph - square.jpg

Stephanie Yu 

Tony - square.jpg

Antonio Kim

Dr Thaw Dar Htet.jpg

Dr Thaw Dar Htet
Endocrinologist & Consultant Physician 

SMS Design_01.png
Sarah Chen.jpeg

Yuti Pan

Fay - square.png

Dr Fay Yu PhD

Ivan - square.jpg

Ivan Chik

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