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Contraceptive Hormonal Arm Implant

Etonogestrol Implant (Insertion, Replacement and Removal)

Doctors across our centres are accredited to perform the Hormonal implant insertion or removal. Book a 30 minute "Procedure Appointment" through our receptionist and nominate if it is for insertion, replacement or removal.

You must bring the implant with you to that appointment if you are having it inserted or replaced. If you need a prescription, please speak to the doctor first. 

The implant should be inserted soon after the commencement of your period (or withdrawal bleed if you are on the combined oral contraceptive) and no later than 5 days after the first day of bleeding.

If you are on the progestagen only pill (Minipill) or have an intrauterine contraception device, the implant can be inserted at any time.

If you have been using injections of progestagen, the insertion should occur when your next injection is due.

Removal can occur at any time within the 3 years from insertion. Replacement can nearly always be done on the same day as removal.


Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

Hormonal intrauterine device (Insertion and Removal)


The female doctors are accredited to perform intrauterine contraception device insertion or removal. A pre-consult is required prior to the procedure in order to discuss the feasibility and details. The procedure itself may be performed on the same day or a different day. Feel free to find out more with our friendly reception team and booking for your appointment. 

You should wait at least seven days after the start of you period to insert the device. If you have just given birth, had a miscarriage or an abortion, you should wait at least six weeks. Removal can occur at any time.

The doctors who can conduct the procedure are as below:



dr tao professional photo 2 long.jpg

Dr Tao Geng


dr tao professional photo 2 long.jpg

Dr Tao Geng


Dr Chelsie Tan

Sans Souci

dr li professional photo.jpg

Dr Huiling Li
(Removal only)

Dr Jonathan Moore.jpeg

Dr Jonathan Moore
(Removal only)

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