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Rubber Gloves


Cryotherapy can be used for various clinical conditions e.g., warts.

It is a method that uses extremely cold liquid, liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of -196°C, to freeze and destroy skin cells that need removal.

Cryotherapy does sting and may be slightly painful at the time of the procedure and for a short time afterwards. The amount of discomfort varies a great deal from person to person. The procedure does not require anaesthesia, as freezing itself has considerable local anaesthetic effect.

Please note private fees apply for the procedure, rebate available with a valid Medicare card. 


Minor Procedure

All the centres are equipped with a well-appointed procedure room and hospital-standard autoclave machine for sterilisation procedures.

The doctors are able to perform various surgical procedures such as excision of skin lesions / cancers, hormone implantation, fracture plaster application and repair of skin lacerations.

Please note private fees apply for skin procedures, rebate available with a valid Medicare card. 

Taping a shoulder wound

Iron Infusion

Iron infusion is a treatment where iron is given through a vein and directly enters the bloodstream. It is considered as a safe and effective alternative to oral iron supplementation. 

All SMSG medical centres provide iron infusion services onsite. You can obtain a referral from one of the specialist GPs and have it done either on the same day or make a booking for any weekdays. 

Iron infusions normally take 30 - 45 minutes. Private fees apply with Medicare rebates. Please speak to one of the front desk team for more information.  

Preparing for Blood Test
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