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"Together, we can get through anything" 

We understand catching COVID is a horrible feeling, and it leads to the development of a range of physical symptoms and induces a considerable degree of fear, worry, and concern. 

We are here to walk the path with the patients and families in the local community

Post COVID-19 Clinic 


The journey of recovering from COVID-19 can be different for everyone. We have specially invited 2 Specialist Consultant Physicians, Dr Daniel Wong and Dr Seo Ling, who have experiences in managing patients with post COVID symptoms such as prolonged cough, memory fog and lethargy.


They will be based in the Earlwood location on a weekly basis, to look after the local community. Please visit the "Specialist Physicians/Surgeons" page or click their icons below for more information about their professional profiles. 

Remember, you are not alone, and we are here with you, your family and the community. 


Dr Seo Ling
Geriatrician & Consultant Physician

DLW Headshot.jpg

Dr Daniel Wong
Geriatrician & Consultant Physician
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WhastApp 0429 235 39


WeChat 0429 235 39

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