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Specialist Physicians/Surgeons

Director, Synergy Medical

Dr Janet Hung
DBA(Hons) Registered Occupational Therapist Director, Synergy Medical SIRA Accredited NDIS Service Provider
Dr Janet Hung is the Director of Synergy Medical (ABN: 38 223 718 679) Synergy Medical: A Government-Approved Vocational Rehabilitation Provider Specialising in Worker's Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, and Personal Injury Claims Synergy Medical is a premier vocational rehabilitation provider authorised by the government to offer specialised services for workers' compensation and motor vehicle accident claims. This organisation is dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-effective injury management solutions, enabling clients to swiftly and securely resume their work and daily activities under any circumstances. Synergy Medical is committed to eliminating barriers hindering a client's recovery and return to work. Synergy Medical aims to ensure a seamless transition back to work and daily life for all clients by focusing on client-centred and individualised approaches and collaborating with other providers. Comprehensive Services Offered by Synergy Medical Synergy Medical's array of services is designed to cover every aspect of rehabilitation and recovery: - Workplace Assessments - Functional Assessments - Vocational Assessments - Job Seeking Support - Case Management Services Their team works closely with medical doctors, and they comprise multilingual health professionals, including accredited occupational therapists, rehabilitation counsellors, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, and social workers, all committed to the health and recovery of their clients. Expertise in Workcover Claims Synergy Medical excels in managing Work Cover Claims, providing extensive support to individuals recovering from workplace injuries. Through person-centred case management, Synergy Medical assigns seasoned rehabilitation specialists to work closely with treating parties, ensuring comprehensive and effective recovery plans. Their services span from initial needs assessments and workplace evaluations to medical conferencing and ergonomic assessments, all tailored to facilitate a smooth and efficient return to work. Support for Comprehensive Third-Party Insurance Claims For those injured in car accidents, Synergy Medical offers personalised recovery strategies to help claimants regain their pre-injury lifestyle quickly. They actively collaborate with Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance companies, medical doctors, healthcare providers, and claimants to deliver top-notch rehabilitation services. NDIS Registered Services As an NDIS provider, Synergy Medical presents various registered services, including Specialist Positive Behaviour Support, Assist Products for Personal Care and Safety, and Custom Prostheses and Orthoses. Their focus remains on providing exceptional health and well-being services to NDIS participants, ensuring both quality care and value through their dedicated and skilled team. Work Health & Safety Solutions Synergy Medical's Workplace Health and Safety specialists are dedicated to helping businesses comply with the latest regulations. They offer flexible consultation options, including virtual sessions via Zoom or Facetime and on-site visits, to perform comprehensive WHS Management System audits and workplace risk assessments. They aim to identify and mitigate potential risks to employees, customers, and visitors, fostering a safer work environment.

Dr Janet Hung
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